Farm history

J G Owen & Co is a family run farming business, managed by John and his wife Hildegard Owen along with two of their sons Chris and Tom Owen. John Owen, their third son, works in London. Our family have farmed at Acton Pigot since 1959 and John took over the business following the death of his father in 1983.

Our total farmed area has grown to over 1,214ha (3,000 acres) of which we own 263ha (650 acres), and hold 101ha (250 acres) on Farm Business Tenancies. The balance of the land is managed under Contract Farming arrangements with 7 landowners, the longest of these starting in 1996.

We recognised some time ago that with two sons interested in the farming business, contract farming opportunities would allow us to expand our farming operations and with this we have invested in machinery, equipment and grain storage facilities to cater for contract farms which do not have the required facilities.

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