How we farm

We use Farmplan computer software, Business Manager for accounts and budgeting and Gatekeeper for rotation planning and crop record keeping. All tractors have been equipped with Gatekeeper web apps which has facilitated the transfer of data from field to office.

We aim to maximise yields, and more importantly margin, with strict attention to detail and timing. A combination of min-till and ploughing is used to establish crops, weather and soil conditions on the day dictating the final decision in most cases. All land is farmed with the same care as if it were our own.

We have our own 50 tonne private weighbridge that is calibrated annually and cross checked against outgoing load weights. This enables us to individually weigh all harvested fields and provide accurate yield information straight away during harvest.

We have also benchmarked our cost of production with similar businesses locally and with farmers in the east of the country and use this data to support our decision making and continue to purchase inputs at the best price.

Chris Owen is also BASIS qualified and he has a thorough understanding of the requirements of crop management and crop protection.

We have a spread of crops in our rotation, helping with weed control and giving protection from any one crop being poor in a given year.

Yield maps are produced referencing previous crop offtake, and also soil analysis results which we propose to take on a bi-annually rotation to make sure nutrients are spread only where needed.

We aim to continue to be progressive in our adoption of new technology where we see that it can offer concrete financial gain.